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***Producing top-quality wolfdogs since 2007***


We are immensely proud of our newly established breeding program 

of high-content wolfdogs.

Now Accepting Deposits for our 2016 High Content Litter

More Info On All Upcoming Planned Litters Can Be Found Here

We DO NOT ship overseas! 

U.S./Canada sales only

Accepting deposits now on our 

planned 2016 litter.

Pups will be high content. 

I expect to see them phase to be 


My animals are selectively bred 

for health and disposition/trainability. 

Wolf look with a domestic 


I screen heavily. 

Contact me for details.

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Introducing JEDDAK; the newest addition to our breeding program. 

Jeddak is a selectively bred high content arctic-type wolfdog from a well established line known as North American Indian Dog, or NorthAID for short.

Jeddak will be paired with Ashira in 2017 for High Content Arctic pups.

Also new to our breeding program is DEJA.

Deja is an upper-mid content black phase pup we decided to keep from Phantom and Sorsha's 2015 litter. She, too, will be paired with Jeddak in 2017.

Please feel free to browse through our informative

site. We are always building and updating, so check

back with us frequently!

We at Paradise Wolves are immensely proud of our only female pup 

out of Phantom and Sorsha's 2014 litter. 

Tsura has gone on to be a resplendent model for photography, as seen

 in her recent photo-shoot from Michelle Dorman 

Photography alongside fashion model Anita Mwiruki. Here are some

 selected favorites from that day. 

All photos in this collection are (C) Michelle Dorman Photography

The full Collection can be viewed here: Anita and Tsura: Rattlesnake Lake


"Are your Wolfdogs good with kids?"

This pic says it all.

Ambassador Kochma

(Phantom x Sorsha 2014 litter)
Image (c) Charlotte clawson


Top: Video of "Tokalon" at 10 weeks old with our mini pony and sheep.
Bottom: "Tokalon" at 9 months old

Tokalon is out of Phantom and Sorsha's 2014 litter.

 Our Promise To You


We at Paradise Wolves™ 

promise to provide 

responsible wolfdog owners

with beautiful trainable pups

Pups that will become 

fantastic companions

amazing ambassadors

resplendent models 

for film and photography 

and a tremendous addition 

to your own 

wolfdog breeding program. 


With a Paradise Wolves™ puppy

Paradise is Just a Howl Away